The History

Priceless Magazine was founded in November 2018 after a really significant time in my life. I had struggled for many years with insecurity and depression, but June of 2018 was a huge turning point for me. I had a lot of healing to do and during this process I questioned God, “What was the point of all this pain? What good can possibly come from this?” God’s answer stopped me in my tracks. “To help others.” At the time I didn’t know exactly what those words meant, I still don’t know what all God has in store for me. But currently one part of that is through Priceless.

What began as a simple 9 page e-magazine sent to a few friends, has since grown significantly. We have grown our staff, upped our page count, and included more content in each issue. God has led and directed us through this entire process of growth and He is the real Founder of Priceless; for without Him none of this would ever been possible.

First issue of Priceless Magazine
The Present

Presently, Priceless is a free e-magazine sent out quarterly. Our mission is to encourage, uplift, and inspire teen girls in their walk with Christ. The name Priceless was chosen because we are all priceless to God, but so few claim that truth for themselves. So many girls, especially teens, deal with insecurity and feelings of being worthless. We want to remind them that they are priceless, beautiful, loved, and so very much more. <3

-Janessa Hochstetler, Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Each issue contains beautiful photography, inspiring articles, a fun DIY, delicious recipes, and more! Below is a sample of our Identity issue. Subscribe for free to access all of our back-issues and future issues to come.

Photography by: Alanna Coblentz